Dear Reader,

First of all please allow me to welcome you on board! I think it would be decorous to tell you in a few words how did I become a plane spotter enthusiast. I expect that you had a thought about how strange that a woman as a plane spotter. Then I try to summarize my story from the beginning and it might help to understand the reasons.

As we are getting older we remember less and less about our childhood. Memories fade over time. What could be the reason to remember for certain moments but forget others? In my opinion, there are no randoms, everything happens for a reason. A certain moment in the past has affected our life, otherwise, we wouldn’t remember. It could be a taste, a smell, a feeling or a voice, etc. I have several memories and one of them is when I was very young. I was looking at the blue sky and waving for the planes above my head. I grew up the countryside so I only had a chance to see passing through planes. Then a few years later I moved to the UK and was lucky enough to have the chance to travel around the world. The fastest and most convenient solution for travelling is by plane. When I was next to the aeroplanes I felt so excited. I wanted to capture the moments what I could do with my phone at that time.

A few years later I received a DSLR camera but had no idea how to use it. After a breakup with my ex-boyfriend I decided to change my place of residence. For some reason – it could be my fate – my new residence was 500 meters away from one of the busiest airports in the world. Because of the breakup, I was so depressed, crying a lot and didn’t want to do anything. One day I decided to go for a walk to get my head out of negative thoughts. I got out of the house and I don’t know why, but I led my way to the airport. I was watching the beautiful planes and felt so relaxed. When I returned home I decided that I need to find my DSLR for the next time to capture the beautiful moments. After a while, I realized when I am surrounded by planes I am relaxed and peaceful, calm and able to concentrate on the planes only and I am out of the world. It’s like a meditation for me. Aviation photography is a therapy for my soul. So this is how did I become an avgeek.