As I previously mentioned in my introduction it started approximately 1.5 year ago when I became an aviation enthusiast.

At that time I used to live 5 minutes walk from the 27R runway at LHR, so it wasn’t a question where should I go for planespotting.

At the beginning I didn’t know what kind of settings should I use. I just enjoyed the moment and tried to capture the moments with more or less satisfaction. As we know the beginning is always the hardest and I wasn`t exception either.

Initially I’ve cut off the nose or the tail of the plane, it wasn’t at the middle where is supposed to be, so I was so happy when I was able to catch the whole plane. Then I tried to increase the amount of captures with whole planes. In the meantime I was looking for articles about airplane spotting on the web. I wanted to know what kind of settings do I need if I want to take better shots.That’s how I found an aviation enthusiast group on Facebook. First I was only a passive team member. I was reading the posts and comments which seemed very useful. After a while I decided to try my luck. What can I loose? That’s how I posted my very first picture in the group. (You can see the Qantas A380 picture below. )

It was a real surprise that some of the group members reacted to my photo positively. They sent me encouraging messages to help me. The positive feedback inspired me to go back to the airport and make BETTER shots. You can see those snaps in my next post.