One of the best ways to improve our photography skills is to get feedback from other photographers. Maybe we are happy with our pictures but two heads are better than one! More experienced photographers could support us like giving great advices how to improve. They can also tell us what is right or wrong in our pictures. Constructive critique should be helpful, although nobody likes negative feedback. It makes us feel unsuccessful, sad, disappointed, but the important part is to learn from it! All photographers started somewhere, nobody is exception and photography is a neverending learning process.

There are lot of ways to get feedback on our work. First of all our friends, family members, collegaues can be a great judge. Furthermore there are several photo sharing websites on the internet. One of the most popular is Flickr. This website is used for sharing, organizing and archiving photos. We can also find thousands of groups on the page, so we can choose which one is good for us. Each group has a shared pool of pictures that any of its members can contribute too. We can also share our work with them. It’s very simple, just click the “Send to group” button above the picture and choose one or more groups. From time to time group members leave comments under the images what could be helpful as well. We can also find groups for begginer photographers like: Your Photo Tips, The Digital Story Group, Digital Photography School, etc. All of them includes discussions about camera equipments, photography skills, camera tips, etc.

On the other hand we can find aviation photography websites like Airliners, Jetphotos, Planespotters, Airplane-pictures, Planephotos, etc. There is a possibility to upload our pictures on their side. The process is very simple, just fill up the required form with the details of the aircraft and upload the picture of it. Once it’s ready it goes to the queue next to the other images. Sometimes it takes only few minutes/hours, but most of the time a few days to receive feedback. It depends on the length of the queue, which means how many pictures waiting to get screened. On popular websites – like Jetphotos – it can take up to a week or more, cause sometimes there are more than 15000 pictures stand in the queue. Once our picture has taken out of the queue, it’s going to be evaluated by a member of staff called screener. The picture has to meet with many rules to get accepted – like crop, center, level, exposure, colour balance, sharpness, etc -. In case that the photo is acceptable, it’s going to added to the website’s database. But unfortunately time by time we receive rejects too. It happens when our photo has some faults and the screener decides not to publish it. We are all human beings and can make mistakes. Don’t let it bring you down, just try to correct the mistakes and upload the image again!

Take both positive and negative feedback, keep working on photography technique and don’t forget: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 😊

( PS: You can see my first two accepted pictures on Airliners website below. )